Doing My Homework

An invitation to send something to a magazine is always reassuring, especially when they rejected your last attempt. Alliterati, an e-zine with close connections to Newcastle University, contacted me by name a few days ago to say that they would like me to try again in time for their autumn edition.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the editorial staff of Alliterati is entirely composed of sadists, sitting around a big table and cackling at various punters sending in their seventh or eighth attempts, but that’s probably just the typical paranoia of the writer doing his or her best to get into print! Now I’ve just got to decide what to send them, and in the context of that, it really is best to take a look at the publication. O.K., I did last time and look where it got me, but it must have pressed someone’s buttons for them to invite another go.

Editors frequently complain that writers sniff out something on Duotrope, look at the website and then arbitrarily bung something off, irrespective of whether that mag does that kind of thing. Doing your homework might be time-consuming and sometimes laborious, but needs must in this business.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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