Published today

A multiple poem publication is more merciful than a single; if the reader thinks the first one’s not up to much, you at least have the chance to redeem yourself!  Four poems of mine have appeared in the latest edition of Sarasvati, number 28,one of the magazines in the Indigo Dreams stable. They are a mixed bunch, including ‘Finding Edna’, about an old lady who dies alone – the poem won a commendation in one of the Swale Life competitions -‘Sonnet for Coriolanus’, inspired by the recent film; ‘Fox in the Road’,the consequences of a mis-match between a dog fox and a Ford Mondeo, and ‘Fresh Fruit and Veg’,about an old man who says his goodbyes to life on his allotment. Not every poem I ever write is about death; I think I must have been working to a theme!

Indigo Dreams is one of those sturdily independent publishers who manage to survive and thrive even in the present unpromising climate, and they contribute enormously to new writers in this country and beyond getting into print. Long may they prosper!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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