The Scheme of Things Published

The most recent internet piece to be published is at , an e-zine which started recently and now publishes every month. My debut on their site was in April, with a story called ‘Thereabouts’, concerning a football manager who has just been sacked and an apprentice who still wants advice from him.

The magazine said it was the first sports piece they’d ever published, which is a kind of breakthrough in itself! They are meticulously concerned with correct grammar and what might best be termed economical writing, and that disciplined approach has a lot to be said for it in view of the linguistic flatulence of some writers, even some short story writers.

The piece published in June is ‘The Scheme of Things’, intended as a wryly comical account of a day in the life of a primary school teacher. ‘Comic’ writing, either as prose or poetry, is often seen as a poor relation, especially in the case of poetry, though it is at least as demanding as any other kind of writing and has to be undertaken with a greater element of risk; people’s senses of humour vary enormously. I see it as a risk worth taking occasionally, because writing in the same genre all the time would soon become tedious, for me anyway.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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