Another one for the Bio

My entry for the Grace Dieu Competition has won a Commendation (and I will give it a capital C, since I know how many entrants the Grace Dieu usually gets). When I first started doing this competitive stuff, finishing just outside the prizes was always a bit of a let down, not so much because of financial considerations (only nought nought point something per cent of people who write make any significant amount of money out of it; if that’s what you’re into, look elsewhere) but on the so near and yet so far ticket. However, it’s a result, all the same. The Grace Dieu competition has been going for years – – and is well known for high standards of organisation and fairness.

Various competitions and publications in the pipeline, even as we go into the holiday season and the Devon roads fill up (and do they ever!) A bit of real summer on the way, good for both the spirits and the chances of thinking up new ideas!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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