Double Publication

News of one publication which has just happened and one which is about to. ‘Tuesday’s Demons’, a story about a particularly difficult morning in the life of a thirty-something man who is becoming anxious about his life as it moves remorselessly into middle age, won a prize in competition and appeared on a website for a while, but I always hoped that a proper and permanent publication would come along and it has, at .  Download and print versions of the Gold Dust magazine are available, and worth looking at; it is very professionally put together and presented, and very much the kind of publication writers want for their work. It’s also the first time I’ve been in it, and a new magazine for the ‘stable’ is always a good idea.

Winamop, on the other hand, at , has already accepted offerings in the shape of ‘A Boy for July’, ‘Dr. Yes’ and ‘Letting Linda Go’, and I’ve been content to go on submitting to them, because I know the pieces will be carefully treated (it’s a bit like sending your kids out into the big wide world!). Now Winamop have taken ‘Special Delivery’, which is slightly saucy but with a point or two to make – sort of sauce with a cause. It’s not there yet, but it soon will be, and my display window of shiny gems will have one more for the catalogue. (I cannot believe I just wrote that).


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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