A piece in the paper!

Nice to know I can still write for the papers. Years ago, I published articles in such illustrious journals as the Independent, the Guardian and the Times Educational Supplement, but they were educationally-research based, when I was looking at how GCSE and A level students manage to get through their exam years when many of them find revision difficult and have various distractions such as part-time jobs getting in the way. I was on my way to a Master’s degree, which I eventually got.

But research writing is a rather different creature, and I wondered whether I could successfully update to a different kind of journalism. Well, tomorrow I’m scheduled to appear in the Exeter Express and Echo with a piece called ‘Bigging Up Creative Devon’, based on the fact that every single item of poetry and short fiction I’ve published, and that’s now well over a hundred, has been written since I moved to Devon in 2003. Perhaps it’s something in the air, but, as the article says, with Muse, Joss Stone, Coleridge and a host of others, the Devon tradition of creativity goes back a long way. 

Should you have the time or opportunity to take a look, try a visit to www.thisisexeter.co.uk   Yes, it is also promoting my book, and I’ll not deny that, but it’s an aspect of Devon which is not talked up as much as perhaps it should be.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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