Good stuff happening

All is not lost. My Devon public is not to be disappointed. My ‘piece’, as we journos put it, is to appear in the Exeter Express and Echo, this Thursday or next, but it will appear. I should know, even from my modest college paper days, round about the 16th century, that what gets in from week to week remains on a fairly fluid basis until late in the day. 

The article is about creative Devon, and the effect it managed to have on a guy, i.e. me, who hadn’t published a single word of fiction or poetry until he moved to this noble county in his early fifties. By the time you’ve taken into account Hilary Mantel, Agatha Christie, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and countless others, including J.K. Rowling who studied at Exeter University, it’s maybe something in the air and says Devon perhaps has a little more going for it than just cream teas and deck chairs. On the musical side, Muse, Joss Stone, Will Young of Pop Idol, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and another host of names would probably agree.

Another noble country is Yorkshire, and part of its nobility resides in the fiction and poetry mag Carillon, which not long ago celebrated its tenth anniversary with an anthology (I know, because I was in it!) Graham Rippon’s Carillon has survived and prospered in a literary environment which is becoming increasingly difficult for print magazines. In Carillon 36, shortly to appear, a very positive review of ‘First Flame’ will appear and cannot fail to help the book stutter into life. Thanks, Graham, and all the best for the magazine’s future –


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