Summer disappearing

A prize here, an acceptance there; even in August, however much it might seem as though the country has ground to a halt, things do happen occasionally!

I’ve won a second place in the latest Five Stop Story competition – , with a piece called These Foolish Things, an e-mail exchange between two lovers who have just split up and then find themselves managing to get back together again. Lots of people go in for the Five Stop Story competitions, knowing their stuff will be well treated and there on line for all to read if they win or get an ‘honourable mention’, so a second place is good to have. The story will be up there soon if it isn’t already.

I’ve also had another prize winning piece accepted by a magazine which hasn’t published me before, Alliterati –  Beyond the Autumn made the final short list (last twelve) in this year’s Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle competition – – but they only publish the first five on site, so it’s good to see that it’s gone to a good home!  Alliterati has now been around for eleven issues, and is known to be an e-zine with high standards of content and presentation, so I’m happy to be making a September appearance in it.

Like the path of true love, the path of true publishing can be a little rocky sometimes, and my publisher, SPM publications, heavily under pressure with various projects, have declared themselves happier with a publication date of September 30th rather than the 1st, meaning a more relaxed end of the summer for all.  The book is still announced as forthcoming on the SPM site –  and a later date is likely to prove better for marketing and sales, so no great problem there. Order one in advance, why don’t you, and make certain of the Harris gems heading securely your way. A writer of such modesty, too. Ho-hum.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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