First Flame

First Flame is a collection of twenty five short stories which have all won prizes, commendations or listing in U.K. fiction competitions with numbers of entrants ranging from several hundred to several thousand. It is going to be published on September 20th by the Sentinel Poetry Movement, which isn’t just about poetry. There’s a full collection of details at

There are also a number of my bits and pieces, if you see what I mean, spread here and there at the moment, and I’ll be putting them up as we go on with the fourteen remaining days until First Flame’s publication.  One to look at directly is at Cheer Reader, and is a story about a translator, a cook and a president, and how many stories can claim that?

Elsewhere, a piece which won a commendation in the 2013 Grace Dieu Competition is now appearing in the beautifully presented and illustrated e-zine Alliterati – , Issue 12 Page 64, and, in print, three of my poems, ‘Finding Edna’, ‘Sonnet to Coriolanus’ and ‘Fresh Fruit and Veg’ are in the current issue of Sarasvati, Issue 29,  Anyone who writes or reads poetry will find it worthwhile to subscribe to Sarasvati, which tends to publish several pieces from each poet, giving a real taster of their work.

More to come as the countdown (14 days) continues to publication. Watch this space!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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