One week to go!

Yes, First Flame minus seven, and this collection of winners is still on schedule to appear on September 20th. –   go on, ‘like’ me!

And I’m once again going to try and tempt in a readership of intelligent and discriminating connoisseurs by pointing out where some of the rest of my stuff is dotted around the internet, in the hope that those who will paddle in the shallow end of a few individual pieces might find themselves encouraged enough to jump right in the pool of ‘First Flame’.

A photographer with a split personality, the artist and the newsman, features in ‘Double Vision’, to be found in the university-based magazine Hackwriters

Good for a larf, I hope, but with a point to it, I equally hope.  Likewise, ‘Dr. Yes’, one of the good guys who comes across an American lady who actually prefers good guys! It’s at

Hope you’ll dabble and enjoy! The feast’s up in a week!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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