Hot Off The Press!

As timely a publication as could be, given that my book is due to appear in three days. The well-established, presented and respected e-zine Inkapture –www,,uk – has included a piece of mine called Demolition Day in their September issue, and many thanks to them for that. Demolition Day looks at the destruction of a sixties-built tower block from three points of view – a woman who spent her childhood in the block after moving out of a near-derelict terrace house, the local councillor whose committee has issued the final order for the block’s destruction, and a young architect with an interest in saving buildings of the time. A direct link to the story

A timely prize is not such a bad idea either, and ‘Emily’s Derby’, concerned with a certain well-known event in 1913, has, I’m happy to say, won a Commendation in the Yeovil Prize – , which places it in the top fifteen of over 1000 entrants (the Yeovil Prize is one of the biggest!)

So First Flame, out on Friday 20th, has a respectable lift-off, and hope anyone who’s had a look at this will go to

and have a look at that!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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