Today’s the day!

Now, come on, dear readers everywhere. It’s up there and available. What’s the point of me straining the little grey cells to be witty and wise, reflective and informative, if you’re going to sit on your hands denying yourself all that erudition and sheer class (not to mention modesty!) Take a trip to

to go straight there, or drop in to 

to meander about a bit first if you’d rather. The First Flame has landed, and every single story in it has won something in competition (details at the end of the book) and we’re talking competitions with a minimum of hundreds and sometimes thousands of entrants. It’s got to be worth a look, hasn’t it, even for you guys in the U.S. who have about a million literary e-zines to look at, or our friends in Australia and New Zealand with the fresh, buzzing arts scene down there, or the Canadian literary stars (and thanks, Morbid Outlook, for publishing the first piece I’ve had online over there) or the denizens of the Republic with their fantastic and heavily subscribed fiction competitions which I’ve yet to break through in (I have tried, and thanks to Linnet’s Wings for the stuff I have managed to publish in Ireland) or my friend and publisher Nnorom Akuonye’s readers and associates in Nigeria and all the rest of very literate Africa. And all you expats and English speakers across Europe who want to read the most sublime purposes to which English can be put (and with the right grammar to) and everyone down and around here in beautiful Devon, give a Devon writer the generous support you always do for all the fantastic cultural people and events of the south west. 

And, if you’re thinking you’d like to know a bit more about this geezer before you spring your hard-earned cash on something what he wrote, take a trip to and check out some of the other stuff I’ve done.

And any and every darling who does get hold of one, send me a message through the site or via Facebook, because this is my first book and I’ve semi-bricking it here and if you have bagged one, I want to say thank you personally.

In the meantime, thanks in anticipation!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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