Light up your First Flame!

Hi, all. Up there and going strong, the little ol’ book of mine is still there for the having, and I’ve done all that work, haven’t I, to put something funny, fascinating and enthralling out there (well, it might be, give it a try!) Learn about the lady thinking back to the sixth form boy she knew who became a Hollywood star, the wedding incident when it’s the father of the bride who’s getting kisses blown at him, the ex-soldier with the gangster client, the student who has some interesting ideas about raising money to pay his fees, the young accountant who squares up the Chairman of a once-great football club, the Calendar Boy who’s not that sure about showing it all in public, the woman who flees her domestic problems to have a local farmer with his lambing – all human life in one book. laughs, cries and intrigues, to blow away the post-holiday blues, for a good deal less than £15!

The publisher’s a nice guy, too! Give us both a break!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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