News and blues

Dear Cyber Friends, I’m offering you now

a diamond of really good news

and a helpful hint to demonstrate how

to beat those September blues.

A collection of funny and literate tales

to amuse, entertain and inspire

with a worldly spirit which never fails

to light an imaginative fire.

Anne and Ian are trying speed dating

with not very much success

and the chances of it leading to mating

growing progressively less.

The bride’s father Peter is doing his best

to wrap up his wedding speech

when a student fan sets him a test

that he doesn’t know how to teach.

Pizza boy Mark goes both ways

and makes movies of all he sees

to guarantee he won’t spend his days

paying back university fees.

Store manager Ben is driving to work

on a miserable Tuesday morning

when he’s faced with the gory results of some jerk

driving the wrong way without warning.

Listings, prizes, commendations,

every story has one or more,

a group of quite exquisite narrations

numbering over a score.

You won’t need to be poor or take out a loan

however expensive it sounds;

the whole wondrous book is one you can own

for well under fifteen pounds!

Visit below, while it’s still in your mind;

be sure that you won’t miss out

and very soon now, you’ll be able to find

just what it’s all about!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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