The best laid plans

It’s one of life’s inevitables, I suppose; no sooner has the aim of a blog piece every two days been set than something comes along to put the oojahs on it, and something very unpleasant has and did. A recuperative time away is now needed and I am disappearing until December 10th, when a spirit of festival jollity will hopefully chase away the weariness heavy in my bones at the moment. 

In the meantime, blog and Facebook friends, wherever you may be, if you can do anything to turn the First Flame tap from trickle to flood for Christmas 2013, please go right ahead. If you know someone who is aspiring to write, First Flame, with its twenty-five prize winning stories, is a good deal cheaper than buying a creative writing course and probably every bit as informative. If you know someone who thinks short fiction is only for this group of people or that group of people, whatever the gender/age/nationality bias might be, hit them with the First Flame collection to prove your argument that short fiction can be for anyone and everyone. If you know someone who thinks books are generally pretty poor value for money, try the First Flame anthology, currently under twelve quid and therefore offering over two award-winning tales for every one of your quids. Or if there’s a guy or gal in your acquaintance who just likes a good solid read, First Flame will provide them with several laid back bath times or sofa sessions for the mere pittance asked for its 250 pages.

If you’re saying to yourself, oh, sure, Harris, we dig into our pockets to send you off to the Riviera to sup bubbly and sun yourself for the rest of your easy street life, just bear in mind my special publisher Nnorom Akuonye, himself a poet and writer and the respected founder and C.E. of the Sentinel Poetry Movement, with its well organised and judged fiction and poetry competitions which have given breaks to new writers for years and years. Bear in mind the writers’ groups, the little magazines, both printed and online, which keep the British short fiction flag flying and with which many of the First Flame stories are directly connected. Alice Munro I ain’t, but hell, guys, I’m doing my best here. Gimme a break.

There’s here:

and here:

 Be a blog pal. Be a Facebook friend. And a Merry back of November and early December, until we meet again. 


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