Gay Springtime

Spring is well on the way to being sprung in dear old Devon, and in spring an old man’s fancy turns to thoughts of….blogging. Well, something like that. Two pieces have joined the Harris online collection in recent days; the first, nestling proudly amongst the Honourable Mentions from the winter competition, is Me Too, in which a middle-aged lady makes some particular requests of Santa which are rather more sophisticated than simple presents. Up there now at

Secondly,  on a shortlist  of five for  their Bodies issue,  is Terms  of Surrender at    The Red Line is an interesting e-zine which compiles a short list for each themed issue and then chooses a winner by readers’ vote, after selecting a particular group of their readers to make the decision.  I have been shortlisted there before, with Blue Genes; maybe this one might be a winner.

Terms of Surrender has a very gay theme, perhaps appropriately for this weekend when gay couples are at last free to marry, like everyone else in the population.

Four published poems are also on the way, to appear in forthcoming issues of Sarasvati –            One for the Road won second place in the Wirral Festival of Firsts 2013 poetry competition and will be published in Sarasvati for the first time; Tout Sweet is a bit of nostalgia for sweetie treats of old, and why not? Day of the Dormouse was written as a reaction to lots of loud politicians, and The Falcon’s Minute captures an electric moment in the Devon skies, when one little kestrel scared away about a thousand gulls.

Next blog will have the first announcement of a brand new site, free of charge, to help all those who aspire to write short fiction. Watch this space!


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