New Site on the Block

For everyone who writes short stories or wants to or is even just thinking about it, there is a new site online today which might be useful to you.  is up and running, and it offers advice, questionnaires, resources etc. entirely free of charge; no passwords, no fees, no obligations. The advice sections, divided into two parts, ‘Why and What’ and ‘Competitive Writing’, give encouragement to starting out and beginning the attempt to win recognition in national fiction competitions. There are five questionnaires, two of which will produce results immediately after they’re submitted, concerning what needs to happen to boost the chances of being published and reviewing knowledge of the contemporary fiction scene. There are also lists of present U.K. fiction print magazines and e-zines, and lists of short story collections currently obtainable which will provide back-up reading.

WSF is a project Martin Kerr of Tohunga – http:/ – and I have been working on for a couple of months now, which is why this blog hasn’t been doing much lately. We hope people will feel able to visit the site, do the interactive stuff and get whatever they can out of it. We’re also hoping for feedback, preferably of the constructive kind, because it’s not the intention to leave it just the way it is for ever afterwards; it will need updating and expanding from time to time, and we will use feedback if and when the site users give us permission to do so. The site is U.K. based and has a U.K. focus, but its general advice could be useful wherever the writer is and it can also serve as an introduction to anyone who’s interested in publishing in the U.K. or going in for U.K. fiction competitions.

WSF is a gift from one writer to the writing community. Hope it will be of use.



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