Check out The Red Line

One more online publicartion, which is always a pleasure, and especially when it’s well produced and presented. My ‘Terms of Surrender’ is in the latest issue of The Red Line – – , a magazine with a fresh and original approach. It invites submissions for each themed issue by way of a competition, compiles a short list, and then gets a neutral judge to decide which of the short list should win the prize. Their ‘Bodies’ issue – see site – has five stories in it, and ‘Terms of Surrender’ is placed third, with judge’s comments at the end of the magazine. It’s a good read, if I say so myself and shouldn’t – why not give it a try?

Two big U.K. competitions approaching their deadline at the end of the month, the Bridport Prize and the Yeovil Prize. The Bridport is probably one of the biggest in the country. Both of them have remarkably efficient online systems of sending in entries, and both of them have very reasonable entry fees, given the amount of prize money on offer. The sites are:                                        




Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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