Publishing News

Another publication, and another competition success, to report as this summer increasingly shapes up to be a proper summer, with yer actual sun everywhere. ‘The Upside of Horse Faces’, which isn’t quite as bizarre a tale as it might sound, has appeared in Writer’s Muse edition 73 – This edition is, unfortunately, the last one, becoming yet another print-only magazine to succumb to the advance of the mighty internet.  Its editor, Jim Palmer, who has done so well to keep it afloat for so long, is owed a considerable debt by all interested in the state of U.K. short fiction, and Writer’s Muse will be missed. ‘The Upside of Horse Faces’ is the sixth piece of mine to appear in the magazine, and three of them were prize winners first.  There still are print magazines battling on, but Writer’s Muse follows the New Writer, not long ago, and the monopoly of the e-zine moves ever closer.

Momaya Press – – have had their customary hundreds of entries for the annual competition, making it all the more gratifying that ‘Devil’s Evening’ has made their shortlist. The story is heavily connected to the subject of human trafficking, and I hope it will now have a fair enough wind to take it even further.

The Writing Short Fiction site – – is up and running, with advice, resources and interactive questionnaires on offer for free to all aspiring writers. Worth a visit, for all who write short stories or are aiming to try.


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