Kindles and E-books up and running

Might I respectfully draw to the attention of anyone kind enough to be reading this to a couple of new publications which are now available and which largely explain why it’s a while since I last posted?

My webmaster, Martin Kerr, and I have been working on turning ‘First Flame’, a collection of twenty five stories which have all won prizes, commendations or listings in competition, into a form more accessible for people who prefer online and Kindle versions of books.

Amazon is now offering both print and Kindle versions of First Flame, both of them competitively priced, but the latter one particularly so, I think.  In both cases, there is an option of having a peep into the book before you take the plunge, so please give it your best consideration. The collection is a result of competition entering over the last six or seven years and might be a useful guide for people thinking of competing themselves, not to mention the fact that they are worthwhile stories in themselves.

If an e-book is more your preference, we can do that too, as below:

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