The Advice (On)line

There are a number of advice sites for aspiring or existing writers, one of which I edit myself –  However, that one is in its infancy compared to the likes of Writer’s Reign, , which has been providing tips, lists and a vast stock of useful material for some years now.

Its longevity and the many visits made to it make it even more of a privilege for me to find myself writing the home page feature article. Called ‘Competitive Writing – Route One’, it refers to my own experience of taking part in fiction competitions in the U.K., and I hope it will prove encouraging for people who are considering writing competitively themselves, but find the prospect rather daunting in case it doesn’t happen for them. My feeling was and is that it’s worth having a try, at least, if it’s going to spare the considerable sums of money which many creative writing courses now charge.

Another article arising from my experience which is now available online is at , again offering advice and support material and now establishing a writing community centred on it. This piece talks about identifying subjects to write about and looking for research and back-up material for fiction.

I do actually write fiction as well as write about it!  My site at has all the details and current publications. Thanks for reading me!


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