Poetry Too

Following on from the anthology of prize and commendation winning stories comes the anthology of published and prize-winning poems, no less than 50 stunning gems of verse serious, not so serious, travel-based, past-based etc.  This time, I haven’t waited for some publisher to take my masterpieces on board – try sending a poetry anthology to an agent or a publisher if you don’t know why. If they ever bother to answer at all, it’ll be so long after the event that you would have forgotten all about it. For me, if the poems have been judged good enough to be published by reputable magazines, or good enough to be prized or commended in competition, then it’s worth at least trying to get them to a wider audience. So my webmaster and I have decided to take advantages of the facilities on offer at lulu.com and get them out there. Are they worth your time?  Well, it won’t do any harm to have a peep, now, will it? Give the link below a chance, folks.


Or go the whole hog, even, and see Harris Central:


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