Another Cup in the Cabinet

Hi to site visitors and Facebook friends alike, old and new, and hope everything’s well with all of you.  I know I’m not the best message sender in the world; I spend so much of my time writing as it is that a little bit of rationing becomes necessary. Which doesn’t mean to say it isn’t good to hear from people, and if you send one to me, you’ll always get one back.

Anyway, I’ve come here to blow my own trumpet again – when do I not? Blowing one’s own trumpet seems to be in the zeitgeist these days. Blushing modestly in the background is just so last century. It’s a wonder anyone can hear anyone else with so much trumpet blowing in the air.

All the same, a good blast is great for the lungs, so here goes. My literary trophy cabinet has acquired one more item with a 2nd place in the well-established (ten years now, and counting), well-organised and well presented Momaya Annual Competition.   It’s a story about a young Moldovan girl who escapes a very threatening ‘trafficking’ situation by using her own wits and intelligence, thereby not only with a female main character, but with a positive and pro-active female main character. So isn’t that worth trying for size?  Well, if it is, grab yourself the Momaya Annual Review when it comes out in November, and don’t stinge; the independent presses need all the help they can get these days, and Momaya is no Johnny-come-lately. Survivors deserve backing up in this line of art.

And may I follow up my trumpet blast with a second modest toot concerning my collection of published and award-winning poems, obtainable through my site – – or via

Enough blasting and tooting for one day. Thanks for reading me!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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