Two sites developing

WSF will announce, on December 8th, the line up of writers who have agreed to contribute to its new ‘Champion Fiction’ section, consisting of stories which have won prizes in U.K. short fiction competitions. Names will not be named until then; for the moment, it is enough to say that the sequence of very impressive ‘bios’ should convince anyone wishing to write or already writing that the WSF site is worth a visit.

The WSF site has also added a ‘WSF Code of Practice’ page, which makes clear that the material on offer is and will remain freely on offer, unencumbered by memberships, advertising and sponsorships. The present content is worth a visit or two on its own, with questionnaires to advise the site visitor ‘how likely are you to publish short fiction?’ and test their ‘knowledge of contemporary fiction’. There is also help on offer for memory, imagination and research sources for deciding what to write about. A ‘Why and What?’ section helps writers to decide whether short fiction is an ambition they wish to pursue, and the ‘Competitive Writing’ section serves as a useful guide to what competition entrants might expect from U.K. short fiction competitions.

My poetry collection, ‘Raised Voices’, has now received two sympathetic and approving reviews from the magazines Linnet’s Wings and Sarasvati, and extracts from the reviews can be seen on site. There are downloadable fiction and poetry ‘samples’ and lists of my fiction and poetry awards; egotistical, I know, but we do not live in a modest age, and when a million trumpets are blowing, you do have to make sure yours is at least making a noise. Latest publications include ‘One Man’s Paradise’, appearing in the latest issue of the magazine Red Line; ‘Emily’s Derby’, in the recently published anthology of Yeovil Prize winners, and ‘Devil’s Evening’, winner of second prize in this year’s Momaya Press competition.

Go see!


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