New Year – New Site

Everything is on schedule for the JANUARY 14TH  launch of the new and expanded Writing Short Fiction site at

The CHAMPION FICTION section will include prize-winning stories from a line-up of writers with literally hundreds and hundreds of successful competion stories between them. Contributions include:

The Grass is Always Greener  by  ANDREW CAMPBELL KEARSEY

I Am Not A God               by SANDRA DANBY

The Pitch                         by K.S. DEARSLEY

The Day My Prayers Were Answered    by  CHRISTOPHER FIELDEN

The Burning            by CLARE GIRVAN T

The Parapet               by SHIRLEY GOLDEN

One Man’s Paradise      by  BRUCE HARRIS

Morning Tea               by JOHN HOLLAND

Green Dawn at St. Enda’s    by  TRACEY ICETON

If There’s Anything Left       by  ALISON MOORE

The Prince                          by GRAHAM MORT

The TIPS FROM THE TOP section will include advice pieces from most of the writers above, including

Bringing Fictional Worlds To Life          by   SHIRLEY GOLDEN

Endings in Short Fiction                     by JOHN HOLLAND

Extracting an Extract                       by TRACEY ICETON

Life After Publication                       by K.S. DEARSLEY

Persistence                                         by GRAHAM MORT

Subject Matter                                  by BRUCE HARRIS

The Essentials                                   by CHRISTOPHER FIELDEN

Writers’ Blockbusters                      by SANDRA DANBY

Your Questionnaire Challenge         by BRUCE HARRIS

No passwords, no entry fees, no members’ areas; free and accessible to all on as of WEDNESDAY JANUARY 14TH 2015


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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