Making life complicated

O.K., well if you’re in the depths of winter and putting up with January to begin with, there’s nothing like making things even more complicated for one’s silly self. When one’s webmaster has neatly fixed up a Twitter address for one, even going to the extent of following it himself, what’s perhaps not best advised is then to go on to Twitter and set oneself up yet another address, thereby starting a brand new year by Being a Burke. On the other hand, two Twitter addresses is vaguely empowering, and if the number of followers on either of them doesn’t look overly impressive, one can always mutter impressively ‘well, you should see my other one’ – always a statement to intrigue. Anyway, for the moment, I have a presence at both @bruceharrisorg  and @bruceharris241, should you be gracious enough to add to my compact but distinguished followers’ group.

And if you are peed off with January in general and have an interest in short fiction, forget about the deluges and the perishing cold and pay a visit to some Champion Fiction or maybe some Tips from the Top.  What’s more, there is now also a Facebook page for WSF and you might like to pop in on that. Meanwhile, I’m off to set up several more Twitter addresses so that I can make February positively Kafkaesque.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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