Debut Fiction – opportunities for all!

Writing Short Fiction  is putting its mission where its mouth is and starting a new Debut Fiction section. Since the whole site is dedicated to helping new writers, it seems to make sense to offer writers not only questionnaires, advice, tips pieces, samples of prize-winning writing and resources, but also the opportunity to actually get into print themselves. All through March, WSF will be taking submissions of pieces of 500 – 2000 words from people who have either never been published at all or whose writing ‘bio’ has only got to one or two items so far. If it’s rabidly violent, rampantly erotic, sexist, racist or homophobic, don’t bother; if it’s none of those things, well crafted, all your own work and worth anybody’s while taking a little time over, then send it to and it will be WSF’s privilege and pleasure to put it up on the Debut Fiction section when it launches in April.

We’re waiting for your call. This could be your first step on a long, fascinating and rewarding road.


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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