Debut Fiction Up and Running!

The new Debut Fiction section of the Writing Short Fiction site is posted today, and all of us connected with the site, including the group of highly successful writers whose work is in the Champion Fiction section, would like to extend a warm welcome to:

Jake Alan, S. Bee, Joe Eurell,  Mathew Lopez-Bland,  Shreyasi Majumdar, Steph Minns,  Olga Wojtas and Thomas Williams

Chances are you don’t know any of these names. Chances are you might do as time goes on!  Not all of them are publishing for the very first time, but none of them have published more than a few times and they are all in the early stages of their writing careers.

Jake Alan contributes I’ve Only Just Been Born, a haunting tale of a hospital patient.

S. Bee, the writing name of Sharon Boothroyd, has sent us an example of what she herself describes as a ‘womag’ story, about a romance blossoming in a radio studio, Tuning Into Love.

Joe Eurell’s Three Generations implies the connections which pass between families over the years.

Mathew Lopez-Bland’s funny, atmospheric and outspoken Pandas centres on a ‘gender exchange’ of revealing proportions.

Shreyasi Majumdar’s story, Dairy Unit No. 4,  describes a girl in a despairing situation who somehow finds courage enough to survive.

Steph Minns tells a tale of a past catching up with a guilty woman in The Glittering Sea.

Olga Wojtas tells a brief but very pointed old Polish folk tale in Nothing But Bone.

Tom Williams relates a fateful decision having to be made by a young man in a dystopian society in Falling Stars.

New kids on the block maybe, but the writing is worth a few minutes of anyone’s time. Give it a go at Debut Fiction




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