New look site with added material

has had a make over, adding new free downloads and making access to everything on the site a lot easier. If you are still depressed at the election results (a Conservative majority government which eleven million people voted for and nineteen million people voted against – work that one out!), why not have a look at the two downloadable funny stories, one about the trials and tribulations of a teacher working in an infant school, the other about a boy loaded down with his exam work observing his family’s bizarre summer behaviour.    Two funny stories

On the other hand, if you have now put yourself in a mood where nothing short of a distraction into tales of criminality will get your mind off the future the country faces, perhaps you might need to investigate a sinister chauffeur or a mysterious house with an imprisoned girl’s wan face at the window.    Two crime stories

Or perhaps you would prefer a lighter distraction, being a sporting lady or gentleman, for whom the sporting world is a good deal more congenial than the political (aren’t most?)  Try the manager and the apprentice in philosophical discourse after a relegation, or the gypsy boy who rises to stardom through his prowess on the football pitch.     Two sports stories

And, should you then get to thinking this guy can tell a tale, then why not avail yourself of Kindles and e-books all over the place by looking at the site’s Available Publications page, where you can not only get stuck into a whole host of fascination fiction, you can also check out what sort of stuff will win you things in U.K. fiction competitions.

Chin up, don’t panic, you’re literate, you’re intelligent, and only high class fiction will do!  Politics, whatever! It won’t happen again for another five years!



Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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