Here we go again!

I’ve been incommunicado for a while, partly because of the festive season, of course, but also because of x-rays, scans etc. concerning my back. It’s now been established that the problem is essentially about arthritis, but I’ve yet to receive the results of the most recent scan, on my neck. This not only took place on January 3rd, while the festive season was still technically going on , but on a Sunday, so all those who moan on about the NHS being a Monday to Friday outfit are a bit off beam, or they are with Taunton Hospital anyway.

For anyone who hasn’t had an MRI scan and might have to, I think I can be reassuring. It’s noisy, yes, but you’re given ear plugs, you can talk to the person doing this test via a microphone thing while you’re in there, and you have a bulb shaped thing to squeeze if you run into trouble. Keeping absolutely still isn’t necessarily all that easy with conditions which cause muscle movements, but the muted noise can have a kind of hypnotic effect and the whole business is far from being an ordeal.  It also effectively mean the doctors have chapter and verse on whatever the problem might be, so proper methods of containment or cure can be put together.

I have also, for my sins, started on a novel. It’s actually my third, and like the previous two, it will turn out to be masterpiece, though whether I’ll persuade agents or publishers of that remains problematic. But it seems, in my maturity (the euphemistic way of putting it!), I can handle it without that unpleasant sensation of being permanently locked in a cage with a wild beast. Beyond the bald statement that it’s a historical novel, I don’t intend to bang on re. ‘what it’s about’, not yet anyway, but so far, so good.

My site is still there at and if anyone feels up to paying it a visit, please go right ahead; I haven’t exactly been inundated with interest recently, but there are still two books, one of prize-winning stories and one of published and prize-winning poems, to look at and some downloadable stuff on site. Happy New Year one and all, and don’t worry yourself too much about resolutions; I made one about twenty odd years ago, when my New Year’s resolution was not to make any New Year’s resolutions, and I think I can safely say it’s the only one I’ve ever kept!


Thanks for reading, what do you think?

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