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As I’m working on a novel at the moment, as well as continuing with competition entries, I’ve decided to restrict the blogs only to those directly connected to my writing, rather than commenting on the world in general, fascinating as my readers may find my observations to be!

A New Year’s competition successes normally have to wait until at least February, with even those closing at the end of November needing time to sort their results out. Given the numbers of entries most of them get, this isn’t unreasonable. However, my first bell ringer of the year has arrived this week, and I’m delighted with it.

Earlyworks Press

It always is gratifying to record a result in a well run competition which attracts a lot of support, and this is my first success with Earlyworks. Two successes in fact, with the stories ‘Roxanne Riding Hood’, about a drag artiste who helps the police catch a man who’s been attacking women, and ‘Home Movies’, about a bored lad in the middle of his A levels recording pictures of various members of his family, both finishing up in the last twenty of the competition and also, happily, in the forthcoming printed anthology. It’s always a little frustrating when a piece gets near the prizes and finishes up unpublished, meaning you’ve got a result without seeing it in print. Earlyworks is one of those independent publishers who are a force for good in more ways than one, with their writers’ community helping people to improve their work, and it’s great to have got a result with them.

Sarasvati picture          

And, just to show I’m still something of an ‘all rounder’, three of my poems are appearing in the latest issue, number 40, of the Indigo Dreams magazine Sarasvati. Two of them have also had some competition success – ‘Vivaldi and the Metro’ finished up in the final ten of the 2014 Fylde Writers’ Competition, and ‘Admission Times Five’.

And just to show how nicely February is now running along, two stories will be appearing in issues of Carillon in 2016. ‘Losing Lyn’ was shortlisted in the Wrekin Writers’ 2014 Doris Gooderson competition in aid of Severn Hospice; ‘Jason’s Window’ was written specifically for Carillon. Both will be appearing in print for the first time, and once again I’m grateful to editor Graham Rippon for being prepared to support my work, as he has done almost right back to when this creative writing experience of mine started.

Back soon, hopefully with further publication to report.










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