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A long silence from this quarter, which I’ve been dealing with real life issues which will keep coming along, recently in the form of MRI scans on my back and my neck. I would like to thank all the family and friends who’ve been supportive during this period, which has been anxious, inevitably, until the problem was identified.
However, arthritic old geezer I may be, but I’ve just added to the lengthening list of competition successes with one of my two entries winning a commendation in the Cinnamon Press 2016 Competition, though I’m not saying which one it is as yet in the interests of possible future publications. This is my first success in this particular competition, and all the more gratifying for that, as it consistently attracts large numbers of entries.
Now that I’m back in circulation a bit more, I’d like to say thank you both to my Facebook friends and to the 611 people so far who’ve ‘liked’ First Flame, my collection of 25 award-winning short stories, and thank you for taking the trouble to register your liking. I should also say that, despite my rift with the publisher of the written version, First Flame is still available as an e-book at a modest cost, and if I say so myself and shouldn’t, it’s a rattling good read and a useful guide to anyone who fancies having a go at short fiction competitions.
The link is :
And, since I’m a fairly good ‘all rounder’ and not afraid to say that either, there is also a collection of published and award-winning poems at an equally modest cost available at
Not that I’m saying that because I’ve been having MRI scans, you should go out and buy my books, you understand; having a dodgy spinal cord doesn’t actually quality in itself for being a good writer, though most of us have a least one or two peculiarities, I suppose. But when you write something which does O.K. in a competition, you do know that someone has read it and thought it O.K., which makes you think, well the chance are it is O.K., then, or maybe even good. So stiffen my backbone with a little fiction investment, good people, and make an old guy feel flexible again. Have a nice July.


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